If All the World Were Women…

June 10

As an Electrical Engineer, much of your time is spent pouring over datasheets from various companies, learning the specs of their various offerings. Over time, as you get more and more familiar with these products, these companies develop a certain personality, and you start thinking of them as living organisms instead of faceless companies.

To help with this transition, here is the “If EE manufacturers were past girlfriends…”

TI is the high-maintenance debutante. There’s no other way you’re vacationing in the Hamptons, but you have to put up with a lot of overhead and runaround.

Microchip is the social outcast. It may not be kosher to talk about the relationship in public, but she’s always easy to please and her ideal date is hole-in-the-wall Mexican and a night browsing the web.

Maxim is the bookish girl down the street. People might make fun of the fact that you’re friends with her, but somehow, she’s always ready to take care of whatever you need.

On Semiconductor is the ex you run into at your high school reunion. She’s the same shallow girl you knew 15 years ago, but somehow the new look makes you want to try again.

ARM is the girl you met while backpacking across Europe. You never really got to know her, and you can’t reminisce about her with your friends, but every few weeks you’re inexplicably reminded of how awesome she was.

National Semi. is the hairdresser. Turns out, she’s the real reason all your other girlfriends were so attractive.

Atmel is the babysitter. She’s great in her own right, but all those kids she hangs around with left a bad taste in your mouth.

Zilog is the girl your friends said was “robbing the cradle”. If you’re willing to overlook the fact that she’s a little behind everyone in the maturity department, she’s a great girl.

IBM is the feminist. It wasn’t good, and it ended badly, but she’s the reason the rest of the girls can wear miniskirts in public, so you have to respect her.

Intel is the hot-but-crazy chick it seemed everyone had dated. All your friends warned you against her, you ignored them, and after it was over you felt a little dirty.

This is a historical cross-post of a short-lived feature I posted on Facebook called “You Might Be an Engineer If…” with a slight edit. The original post can be found (for now) here.


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2 responses to “If All the World Were Women…

  1. Leah Shanker

    June 12, 2009 at 6:05 am

    What about Freescale?

  2. Matthew

    July 15, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Necropost, but…

    Freescale See: On Semiconductor


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