Axis: Avengers & X-Men #1

January 16
Axis #1 Cover Art

Axis #1 Cover Art

The Red Supremacy ch. 1: We Will All be Dead Tomorrow

In large, I am not a fan of miniseries with tie-ins.Generally they are weekly titles which tend to have a lower quality than monthly titles, and they feel like a marketing campaign for other titles. (Miniseries that tell a discrete story, start to finish, however, are awesome). But given the hype, I thought I would give Axis a shot.

Axis tells the story of the Avengers and X-Men, after the death of Professor Xavier allowed the Red Skull to rebirth himself with Prof. X’s psychic powers into the Red Onslaught. This first issue does a lot of skipping around between geographic locations, story lines, flashbacks, and false memories, making it a confusing, but relatively comprehensive introductory issue. However, for a 9-issue limited series, I’m not sure a complete issue can be spared on just introductory material.

The story shows promise–we have a blockbuster cast of almost any superhero in the Marvel universe that was ever popular, a super evil big bad, and a twist that could be used in very interesting ways. That being said, in this first issue, Remender’s story just seems hard to track. Kubert’s panels do their best to portray the vast content in this issue, but end up being small and hard to track.

Overall, there is a lot of promise in this title, and as it is a miniseries, I will probably pull all of the issues, but #1 isn’t doing much to impress me, 3/5.


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