Axis: Avengers & X-Men #3

January 20
Axis #3 Cover Art

Axis #3 Cover Art

The Red Supremacy, ch. 3: Good News for Bad People

Finally! After weeks of waiting for Axis to step up, issue #3 is here, and it does a decent job thereof. Not quite enough to make up for the last two issues, but things are turning around.

In issue #3 we finally see the awesomeness of what can be when you tell a join-up story. Yes, technically, the Avengers and X-Men have been teamed up for two issues now, but nothing has really come of it–they were all preoccupied with the fight against Red Onslaught. But in #3, as the good guys are at the end of their rope, a cadre of Marvel’s greatest villains arrive to help: Dr. Doom, Mistique, Carnage, Loki, Sabretooth, Enchantress, and several others. Oh yeah, and Deadpool (but he’s not with them).

Basically, Issue #3 contains the exact same plot advancement as #2–nothing–just a giant battle scene, but now that we have a better mix of combatants, and recovering heroes that can add to the dialog, the tone is completely different. We get a wealth of humor, quick comebacks, and witty jabs between villains, heroes, and those somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, there is some resolution; the Red Onslaught and his Sentinels are defeated, and the body of Red Skull is imprisoned by the Avengers.

Overall, this issue makes great strides towards what Axis could be; I only wish it had happened sooner, 5/5.


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