Axis: Avengers & X-Men #4

January 22
Axis #4 Cover Art

Axis #4 Cover Art

Inversion, ch. 1: Altered Beast

…and I’m disappointed again.

Coming down from the high of issue #3, Axis reverts again to a setup issue. Obviously setting up an Avengers vs X-Men plot, but one we don’t really get to see yet. We start with some harsh language between Cap and Fury, one punch, and then we retire to Avengers tower. Here, we have some more harsh language, after which the Avengers decide to kill the Red Onslaught / Red Skull to keep him out of trouble. Jarvis and Hulk disagree, after which the Hulk transforms again into–wait for it–the Kluh.


Kluh dispatched, the Avengers open the vault to find the Red Skill missing. End title.

I’m hoping I don’t have to endure two setup issues for each action issue all the way through this title, but so far it looks that way, 3/5 (with a −1 just for Kluh).


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