Axis: Avengers & X-Men #5

January 24
Axis #5 Cover Art

Axis #5 Cover Art

Inversion, ch. 2: Something Clearly Went Wrong


After discovering the disappearance of the Red Skull, Cap. America calls an emergency meeting of the Avengers. He informs them that someone with Avengers-level access entered his cell, then erased the security footage. His solution is to shrink all the Avengers using some stolen Pym particles just to be safe. This scene introduces the first cool part of the issue–a tableau of Avengers in lounge mode–and the first unbelievable bit–Avengers tower has electronic access control, but not a way to identify individual access codes.

Nova and Spidey escape with the help of Magneto, who returns them to Steve Rogers. After a bit of exposition revealing that everyone who fought the Red Onslaught has had their alignment flipped (but not really, as Cap America is still trying to do good, he’s just doing it the wrong way), we segue back to Avengers tower to find the X-Men starting their takeover of Manhattan–the first prize of the “Mutant Uprising”.

The issue ends with Nova bringing the fight to Kluh, the “Hulk’s Hulk” in Arizona.

Better, by far, than the previous issue, but still rather lackluster, 3/5. If this were a monthly title, I would have given up by now.


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