Axis: Avengers & X-Men #6

January 26
Axis #6 Cover Art

Axis #6 Cover Art

Inversion, ch. 3: Awakened Like Us

Issue #6 of Axis tried a little to be interesting, but ultimately became an exposition-heavy plot movement device. There are some skirmishes between the “good” and “bad” guys–specifically in Manhattan, which the inverted mutants have claimed as their own–and some vignettes of what the inverted Avengers and villains are up to–Stark is throwing a party, Thor is “gambling”, and Dr. Doom is promising a democratic future for Latveria.

Overall, these bits are interesting and mildly entertaining. If this were a between-arcs issue, or a more lighthearted title, I probably wouldn’t mind, but as we are still “cliffhangered” on the whereabouts of the Red Skull, I’m getting impatient.

Kudos should be given, however, to the Dodsons for the great art. It’s good all the way through, but every now and then, they pop a full-page panel that just sings. Last issue it was the group of heroes at Avengers tower, this issue it is the arrival of the inverted villains. Kubert (#1-2) and Yu’s art (#3-4) was enjoyable, but mostly filled the background. I’m pleased with the switch to the Dodson & Dodson team.

Again, not impressed with this “highly anticipated” title, 3/5.


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