Gotham Academy #2

January 17
Gotham Academy #2 Cover Art

Gotham Academy #2 Cover Art

The Diary of Millie Jane Cobblepot

Gotham Academy might be the best chance DC has to regain my patronage. Issue #2 was a rarity in comics; almost nothing of substance happened, yet I was interested the whole way through. Cloonan and Fletcher make an incredible team, and this issue shows that well. I’m pretty sure Fletcher told at least half the story in this issue, not just illuminated it, actually told it.

In this issue, we get introduced a little better to our protagonist, Olive, although Cloonan has decided to keep Olive’s secrets from the reader as well. After a few typical high school mishaps throughout the day, Olive notices a cloaked figure stealing across the lawn that night. Along with Maps, she follows the figure to the entrance of the Cobblepot crypt, a name that has been full of foreshadowing so far. Inside, she disrupts a group of likewise cloaked figures from some form of ritual.

Thats it, not much plot for a whole issue, but I loved every bit of it. 4/5, can’t wait for #3.


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