Gotham Academy #3

January 21
Gotham Academy #3 Cover Art

Gotham Academy #3 Cover Art

The Ghost in the North Hall

I continue to enjoy Gotham Academy, but Cloonan’s wavy plot lines are starting to move from enigmatic to confusing.

Once again, not much happens in this issue, and we seem to have skipped several weeks of in-comic time without really resolving anything that happened previously. Olive, Maps, and their previous-nemesis-turned-copatriots Pomeline and Colton break into the North Hall to see what they can find. Olive has a deja vu moment, a creepy hand appears out of a hole in the floor, and then the issue ends.

Overall, I’m still enjoying the title, but I hope some more concrete plot resolution is coming in the next episode, 3/5.


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