The glorious visage of yours truly

Hello, my name is Matthew, and I’m an Electrical Engineer.

(Hi Matthew)

I like to write. I’m not sure when I developed this desire, but if I knew, I’d certainly take my time machine back and correct this obvious defect. Writing is hard… well, the writing isn’t, it’s the editing, and coming up with a topic, and doing both on any sort of reasonable schedule… but I digress. Anywho, somewhere between my English teacher of a grandmother and my High School dissertation, a few thousand of my neurons took a road trip to Las Vegas, made some bad mistakes, and now are best of friends, and those neurons like to write.

In the (stolen, hacked-up, and reassembled) words of Haley Graham, “this isn’t the first time I’ve made out with a blog. We’ve kind of had this ongoing flirtation. We’ve been on some dates, you know, broken up, gotten back together, but honestly, until now, I haven’t been ready for anything steady. But, you know, people change, and I felt like, maybe, I was ready, for a more serious… courtship.” This is the story of that courtship. Not really, you know… more, metaphorically.

And yes, I did just string together cliches, movie quotes and a few metaphors as a weak substitute for an about page so I didn’t have to actually write it. In retrospect, that may have been a bad first step for a writing project, but it’s my site (seriously, I pay for it and everything) and I’ll do whatever I damn well please. What’s that? Substance? You want actual information? Crap. OK, here it goes.

I am currently a Product Engineer at Micron Technology in Boise, ID where I help people in the manufacturing and test departments perform magic. Prior to that I was a student at Northern Arizona University where I studied Electrical Engineering with a Circuits emphasis. I was what NAU calls a “Non-Traditional Student” which really means that I was almost too old to hit on the co-eds I went to school with. In a past life I was a photographer, shooting mostly portraits and making far too much money on high-school seniors. Before that, I was the Director of Technology for Data Doctors Franchise Systems, a title which sounds both less, and more, important than the position actually was, making an even more ridiculous amount of money. For those of you keeping score, yes, the trendline of my earning potential plotted with respect to time has finally experienced a reversal of its previously negative slope.

Most of my free time (when I have any) is spent doing what I do when its not free time, but without getting paid for it, which sounds exactly as nonsensical as it is. When someone manages to drag my from my geek’s paradise of a life, I enjoy camping, drinking fishing, disc golf, exploring Boise and shooting (both “bang” and “click”).

At some point in the future (the future is now), those last two paragraphs will be scattered with links in all the appropriate places, so I’d ask you to check back later, but its an about page, and really, what would that say about your life?


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