For those of you who feel the need, or are otherwise socially obligated to prove your love for me through the purchase and exchange of desirable objects according to the relative movement of celestial bodies, here is a list of some of the things I might want.

Please refrain from purchasing anything of even moderate size if you intend to give it to me in person. Paying an airline to ship a gift is not fun. Consider a gift card or purchasing online and shipping directly to my Boise address instead.


Gift Cards



  • Poster / Artwork frames – I need 3x 11″x17″ and 1x 8.5″x11″
    I’d like all the frames to be different, so if I add artwork down the road, they don’t clash
    Black or dark frames, plain profile


  • 150 mm, Metric Dial Calipers, 0.02 mm precision, high-quality brand
    (Starett 120M, Browne and Sharp 579-14, or Mitutoyo 505-711)
    Used is more than acceptable, eBay and garage sales are great resources
  • Motorcycle auxiliary fuel tank
    1-2 qt hanging tank with attached fuel line and valve, for working on an engine with the gas tank off
  • SAE Thread Checker

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